Recommendations Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

Makoro™ saves money for asset manufacturers, owners and operators by making easy-to-understand recommendations that increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs of maintenance and repair.

Feature 01

1. Connect

Makoro™ connects to hunderds of sources - operational and enterprise - and correlates data to make accurate recommendations.

Feature 02

2. Prove

Makoro™ will make a positive difference to your operations In 10 days or less.

Feature 03

3. Deploy

Deploy Makoro™ in a single location - see your data transformed to recommendations in minutes.

Feature 04

4. Learn

Once deployed, Makoro™ constantly learns and improves recommendations through user interaction.

Feature 05

5. Scale

As Makoro™ delivers efficiency gains for a single location, scale to other locations to maximize those gains.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Makoro™ offers a solution for all, no matter the stage of your digital journey. Start with Asset Monitoring - take your first step towards achieving Process Excellence.

Starting at $15 /month/asset/user
  • Asset monitoring, alerts, and notifications
  • Asset maintenance recommendations
  • Workforce productivity recommendations
  • Process excellence recommendations

Data is Not Enough - Switch to Recommendations.